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19 December 2020, Sofia, Tech Park, Conference room: John Atanasoff

Europe and the New Global Threats 2020

The economic downturn following the COVID-19 pandemic is expected to send shockwaves through the economies of the European continent. The full extent the economic slowdown  is yet to be manifested, however it is clear that the pandemic will affect national economies and international markets. Brexit is another challenge, considering that Europe and the UK have to soon end 4 years of hard negotiations and reinvent their relationship. In this complicated environment the European Commission has pledged 1 trillion Euros for the Green deal and another 750 bln. euros for the Next Generation recovery package. What way forward?

Europe and the New Global Threats 2020


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Official OpeningAngel Dzhambazki MEP

Keynote SpeechAnna Fotyga MEP, Poland, Coordinator in the Foreign Affairs committee of the European Parliament

10:30 - 12:00

Redefining security in a multilateral world. Conflicts on the frontiers of the EU. What is the view from Europe?

The last four years saw an increase in military spending among NATO members in Europe, with more and more countries reaching the 2% stipulated by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. In juxtaposition, more and more leaders from the EU, call for further integration of EU defence and even go insofar as to call for an European army. Furthermore, to this day there are many conflicts on the frontiers of the continent. It is an issue that deeply affects the external role of the EU and its relations with other key regional stakeholders, in particular Russia, Turkey and the MENA region. These relationships evolve significantly ranging between cooperation, resentment and sometimes outright exasperation.


- Hermann Tertsch MEP, Spain

- Yulian Angelov MP, Member of the Foreign Policy Committee

- Petar Petrov PhD, Expert in International relations 

Angel Dzhambazki MEP


Kristiyan Szkwarek, ECR Group liaison officer in Bulgaria


Keynote Speech:

Emmanouil Fragkos MEP, Greece

Milen Mihov MP, Member of the Delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly



12:30 - 14:00

Illegal and irregular migration. Political, economic and societal dimensions of incoming illegal migration.

Ever since the first wave of irregular migration towards Europe in 2015, the issue has been a contemptuous both in the member states and the EU. Some member states have insisted on redistribution of irregular migrants and refugees, while others have been adamant in maintaining and defending national choice and sovereignty. The issue has become even more complicated in the region of the Mediterranean, where some NGOs claiming altruistic motives, aid human trafficking and bring illegal migrants to the shores of Europe.


- Jorge Buxade Villalba MEP, Spain

- Dominik Tarczyński MEP, Poland

Dr. Gunnar Beck MEP, Germany

- Maria Tsvetkova MP

- Dimitar Vuchev, Economist, journalist, politician

Moderator: : Blagovest Tichev, Political advisor and Accredited Parliamentary Assistant


Keynote Speech:

Krasimir Karakachanov, Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria

Closing remarks:

Angel Dzhambazki MEP