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11 June 2020, 2PM CET

European Mobility Package

The seventh webinar in "Europe Debates" series

The European Mobility Package has been struggling its way through the EU legislative machine for several years now. The idea was to create a common set of regulations to govern the rights of truck drivers and logistics workers.
The most recent roadblock that the Mobility Package has hit was a collective put down by nine Member States in the council last December. They argue that the package of measures would disproportionately affect them and cause the mass loss of jobs in Eastern Europe. 
Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Latvia and Lithuania have opposed the changes, which Eastern EU countries now call the “Macron package” after the French President, who was one of the driving forces behind the proposal. 
Join the European Conservatives and Reformists Party for the next edition of our regular panel session Europe Debates: The European Mobility Package.

European Mobility Package

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Richard Milsom

ECR Party Executive Director

Angel Dzhambazki MEP

Vice-chairman of IMRO, Bulgaria


Kosma Zlotowski MEP

Member of European Parliament, Poland

Roberts Zīle MEP

Member of European Parliament, Latvia