ECR Party

2 April 2019, European Parliament (Room A1H1), Brussels, Belgium

Faith And Freedom Summit II

Join us for the Faith and Freedom Summit II, Practicing what we Preach in Europe, that will take place on April 2 at the European Parliament in Brussels!

The roundtable will bring together Members of the European Parliament, the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (OSCE), the European Commission, as well as several human rights activists and scholars from civil society. The roundtable aims top drive an open discussion on the topic and the need to reinforce the existing mechanisms protecting freedom of religion or belief in the European Union. 

The Faith and Freedom Summit II and Roundtable is not an organization. It iss a campaign driven by a large coalition of faith-based and non faith-based NGOs and supported by many EU stakeholders. The Summit launched a pledge that all MEP candidates are asked to sign, that reads as following: "I pledge that I will uphold and defend the freedom of conscience and religion of all individuals by rejecting and speaking out against bigotry, discrimination, harassment and violence; and so build a more equitable society for all."  The  pledge is inter alia supported by Mr Ahmed Shaheed, the UN Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Religion or Belief.

We strongly believe that EU citizens must enjoy a real freedom of religion or belief, at every level, and that this fundamental right is not given the importance it deserves in the EU institutions, and in the EU instruments to protect the various freedoms of EU citizens. 


Jan Zahradil MEP

ACRE President, Vice-Chairman, International Trade Committee, European Parliament

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Kristina Arriaga de Bucholz

President of the Oxford Society of Law and Religion

Jan Figel

EU Special Envoy for the promotion of freedom of religion or belief outside the European Union

Laurentiu Rebega

Member of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Affairs, European Parliament


Marco Ventura

Professor of Law & Religion at University of Siena

Martin Weightman

Director of the All Faiths Network

Ines Mazarrasa Steinkuhler

Director of the Foundation Pluralism and Coexistence, Ministry of Justice (Spain) - Fundacion Pluralismo y Convivencia

Willy Fautre

Director of Human Rights Without Frontiers International

Bashy Quraishy

Secretary General of EMISCO

Hans Noot

Director of the Gerard Noodt Foundation

Eric Roux

Chair of the European Interreligious Forum for Religious Freedom

Greg Mitchell

Co-Chair, International Religious Freedom Roundtable

Kishan Manocha

Senior Advisor on Freedom of Religion and Belief, Human Rights Department, OSCE/ODIHR



Welcome coffee and tea


Welcome address

  • Laurentiu Rebega MEP


Introductory remarks from

  • Jan Figel, EU Special Envoy for Religious Freedom
  • Martin Weightman, Director – All Faiths Network
  • Willy Fautre, Director, Human Rights Without Frontiers International
  • Bashy Quraichy, Secretary General, EMISCO
  • Kristina Arriaga de Bucholz, President, Oxford Society of Law and Religion
  • Hans Noot, President, Gerard Noot Foundation
  • Eric Roux, Vice-President, European Affairs Office of the Church of Scientology for Public Affairs and Human Rights
  • Ines Mazarrasa, Director, Foundation Pluralism and Coexistence (Ministry of Justice, Spain) - Fundacion Pluralismo y Convivencia
  • Kishan Manocha, Senior Advisor on Freedom of Religion and Belief, Human Rights Department, OSCE/ODIHR
  • Marco Ventura, Full professor with tenure at the Department of Law of the University of Siena
  • Greg Mitchell, Co-chair, International Religious Freedom Roundtable
  • Thomas Schirrmacher, President of the International Society for Human Rights


Keynote speech

  • Jan Zahradil MEP, President of ACRE and Lead Candidate for European Commission President


General discussion with the audience