ECR Party

19-20 October 2018, Orhei, Moldova

The Liberty Summit - Moldova

Free And Fair Moldova: Working for True Democracy

As with a number of eastern European countries that have emerged from communist rule, Moldova has become in name a constitutional and democratic state. Like many post-soviet nations, Moldova is primed for the development of free-market ideas, true democracy, and the rule of law and capitalism. The Moldova Summit aims to spark the changes needed for true democracy and prosperity in Moldova.

Democracy is the best and fairest system of government that man has so far devised, its principles allowing citizens to flourish and fulfil their own potentials. It is one of the most fundamental and important principles of the centre-right and as a result, it is of vital importance that the centre-right movement encourages and supports nations that are still making the shift.

A vital component of democracy is free and fair elections in which citizens can take to the ballot box without overhangs of corruption. Today, corruption can take the form of state-influenced press, coercion and crony capitalism. The Moldova Summit will give an opportunity to reaffirm ideological foundations of democracy, constitutionalism and personal liberty through free elections and the rule of law.

Ideology in Europe has become overshadowed by a colder political pragmatism. While pragmatism is an important value for conservatives, it must not completely overtake the other principles that work to create the centre-right ideology. If it does, we risk the extremes of right and left moving in to fill the void left by a lack of intellect and emotion in politics and for this reason, there is a greater need than ever for the continual re-articulation of the centre-right ideology - an ideology that protects and allows people to thrive.

The Moldova Summit aims to support the country’s goals for political and economic reforms that will empower the country’s relationship with Europe and the West, and to help develop a truer democracy where the rule of law can replace crony capitalism, corruption and poverty, and in their place provide the structures for the stability and prosperity of the Moldovan people.

Why Moldova?

Moldova is a nation ready for true democracy. Doubtlessly huge strides have been made since independence in 1991, but there is still a distance yet to go. Moldova’s current political system is unique due to the country’s long geopolitical history: after 1991 there was a need for a complete overhaul of the political system in a country that had not governed itself for many years. Moving forward, there is much opportunity for the future as we conservatives can work with parties in Moldova, sharing our values and systems.

The difficult history of Moldova makes it a fitting location for our Moldova Summit. Countries such as Moldova deserve the support of the international community as they continue to grow from the efforts they have already made towards developing a true democracy, and our meeting of the centre-right provides the opportunity to do this. By working alongside Moldovan parties who advocate for closer relationships with the West, the centre-right international community can help to form those ties and assist in a political transformation through advancing democratisation.

With elections coming up soon in Moldova this conference comes at a crucial time for building relationships and conveying our conservative ideology. This next election in Moldova shall be the next step towards more transparency and accountability, and the eradication of corruption.



Jan Zahradil MEP

ACRE President, Vice-Chairman, International Trade Committee, European Parliament

web / @ZahradilJan

Ilan Shor

Chairman of the Political Party "Shor" and Mayor of Orhei

Nino Goguadze MP

Member of the Parliament, Georgia


Richard Murphy

Managing Director of Communication Strategy and Management (CSM)

Sasa Radulovic MP

Leader of Enough is Enough, Serbia

Barbara Kappel MEP

Member of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs and the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy


Rob Jonkman

President of the European Conservatives and Reformist Group in the Committee of Regions


Eli Hazan

Foreign Affairs Director, Likud Party, Israel


Adri Nurellari

Political Advisor to the Speaker of the Parliament of Kosovo

Neva Sadikoglu-Novaky

Secretary General of the ECR Group in the European Committee of the Regions


Armen Arzumanyan

Deputy Minister, Ministry of Transport, Communication and Information Technologies, Armenia

Branka Stamenković MP

Member of Parliament, Serbia

Andrianos Giannou

Political Strategist and Communicator

Marina Tauber

Vice-President of Shor party, Mayor of the Commune Jora de Mijloc, and former President of the Moldovan Tennis Federation

Rupert Matthews MEP

MEP for the East Midlands, UK

Fleur Butler

Robert Tyler

Reghina Apostolova

Deputy Mayor of Orhei and Shor Party Representative in Rascani

Valerian Cristea

Deputy Mayor of Orhei & Shor Party Representative in Telenesti Region

Petru Jardan

General Director of Avia Invest LLC, Chisinau International Airport


Friday 19th October 2018


Visit to Old Orhei and Tourist Attractions

Departure from Hotels at 09:30


Tour of the Moldovan Parliament


ACRE Council Meeting and Launch of ACRE Women's Movement

Radisson Blu Hotel

Reserved for ACRE Council Members


Gala Dinner at Cricova Winery

DEPARTURE from HOTELS at 19:30

Saturday 20th October 2018


Departure to Orhei


Opening Speech by Jan Zahradil MEP, President of the Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists in Europe


Panel discussion on Free and Fair Elections

Democracy depends on its elections being free, fair, without corruption, coercion or fear of either. Without this fundamental process, corruption and authoritarian regimes thrive and the needs of the people frequently become secondary. This panel will discuss this in relation to Moldova, a country that is still in the process of developing complete transparency in true democracy.


  • Rupert Mathews MEP, UK


  • Richard Murphy, Managing Director of CSM, UK
  • Rob Jonkman, President of the ECR Group, Netherlands
  • Branka Stamenkovic MP, Serbia
  • Fleur Butler, UK



Keynote Speech by Reghina Apostolova, Deputy Mayor of Orhei and Shor Party Representative in Rascani


Coffee Break


Panel Discussion on the future of European political and economic integration

Emerging from their Soviet past, countries in Eastern Europe are in unique and exciting positions to expand their economies, solidify their democracies, and strengthen their political relationships around the world. This panel will host politicians in order to discuss  their European and global orientation, and how their shared and similar geopolitical histories can be carried forward into the future to support their growth.

  • Moderator: Andrianos Giannou, New Europe


  • Nino Goguadze MP, Foreign Affairs Committee, Georgia
  • Armen Arzumanyan, Deputy Minister, Armenia
  • Barbara Kappel MEP, Austria
  • Sasa Radulovic MP,  Leader of Enough is Enough and former Minister of Economy, Serbia


Keynote Speech by Valerian Cristea, Deputy Mayor of Orhei & Shor Party Representative in Telenesti Region




Cultural Programme


Keynote Speech by Ilan Shor, President of the Șor Party, Moldova


Panel discussion on Free Markets as a Means of Poverty Alleviation 

As conservatives, we must continue to highlight the importance of the free market in developing an economy. Having emerged from Soviet rule almost thirty years ago, Moldova has great potential for growth. This panel will consider how the free market will help Moldova and explore the role of policy and politicians in support of the market.

Moderator: Neva Sadikoglu Novaky, ECR Secretary General, COR, UK


  • Eli Hazan, Foreign Affairs Director, Likud Pary, Israel
  • Adri Nurellari, Political Advisor to the President of Kosovo, Kosovo
  • Robert Tyler, Advisor on Foreign Policy & Senior Fellow, New Direction, UK


Keynote Speech by Petru Jardan, General Director of Avia Invest LLC, Chisinau International Airport


Keynote Speech by Marina Tauber, Vice-President of the Șor Party, Moldova


Closing Remarks


Tour of the Local Area


Departure to Chisinau and free time


Dinner at Capitoles

Departure from Hotels at 20:00