ECR Party

22 March 2019, National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria

The Liberty Summit - Sofia

Changes for true democracy and prosperity in Bulgaria

As with a number of Central European countries that have emerged from totalitarian rule, Bulgaria has struggled to become in name a constitutional and democratic state. Like many post-soviet nations, Bulgaria is primed for the development of free-market ideas, true democracy, and the rule of law and capitalism. This Summit aims to spark the changes needed for true democracy and prosperity in Bulgaria.

Democracy is the best and fairest system of government that man has so far devised, its principles allowing citizens to flourish and fulfil their own potentials. It is one of the most fundamental and important principles of the centre-right and as a result, it is of vital importance that the centre-right movement encourages and supports nations that are still making the shift.

A vital component of democracy is free and fair elections in which citizens can take to the ballot box without overhangs of corruption. Today, corruption can take the form of state-influenced press, coercion and crony capitalism. This Summit will give an opportunity to reaffirm ideological foundations of democracy, constitutionalism and personal liberty through free elections and the rule of law.

Ideology in Europe has become overshadowed by a colder political pragmatism. While pragmatism is an important value for conservatives, it must not completely overtake the other principles that work to create the centre-right ideology. If it does, we risk the extremes of right and left moving in to fill the void left by a lack of intellect and emotion in politics and for this reason, there is a greater need than ever for the continual re-articulation of the centre-right ideology - an ideology that protects and allows people to thrive.

This Summit aims to support the country’s goals for political and economic reforms that will empower the country’s relationship within the EU and the West, and to help develop a truer democracy where the rule of law can replace crony capitalism, corruption and poverty, and in their place provide the structures for the stability and prosperity of the Bulgarian people.



Jan Zahradil MEP

ACRE President, Vice-Chairman, International Trade Committee, European Parliament

web / @ZahradilJan

Nikolay Barekov MEP

Founder of the Bulgarian political party Reload BG


Richard Milsom

ECR Party Executive Director

Nikolina Angelkova

Minister of Tourism, Bulgaria

Emil Karanikolov

Economy Minister, Bulgaria

Neva Sadikoglu-Novaky

Secretary General of the ECR Group in the European Committee of the Regions


Dr. Borislav Tsekov

Member of the Legal Council of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria

Johan Nissinen

Member of the Swedish Parliament

Javier Garcia Martin

Member of VOX's Political council and Foreign Relations Department

Eli Hazan

Foreign Affairs Director, Likud Party, Israel


Adri Nurellari

Political Advisor to the Speaker of the Parliament of Kosovo

Dr. Polina Karastoyanova

Executive Director of the National Tourism Board Association

Prof. Stoyan Denchev

Honorable Rector, State University of Library Studies and Information Technologies Sofia

Prof. Nicolay Radulov

Professor at the New Bulgarian University

Plamen Grozdanov

Chairman of “Made in Bulgaria”

Dimitar Chobanov


Stefan Simeonov

Professor at the State University of Library Studies and Information Technologies



 Opening by Richard Milsom, ACRE Chief Executive & Dr. Borislav Tsekov


Keynote by Jan Zahradil MEP, ACRE Lead Candidate


Keynote by Nikolay Barekov MEP, Reload Bulgaria Party Leader


Keynote by Emil Karanikolov, Minister of Economy


Keynote by Nikolina Angelkova, Minister of Tourism


Panel Discussion on Economy, Tourism, Jobs and Regions

Moderator: Plamen Grozdanov

Speakers: Johan Nissinen, Javier Garcia Martin, Nikolina Angelkova, Dr. Polina Karastoyanova and Dimitar Chobanov.


Coffee Break


Panel Discussion on Security, Defence, Russia and the EU

Moderator: Prof. Stoyan Denchev

Speakers: Eli Hasan, Adri Nurellari, Prof. Stefan Simeonov, Prof. Nikolay Radulov.


Keynote Speech by Neva Sadikoglu-Novaky, Secretary General ECR Group in CoR & ACRE Women's Movement And Richard Milsom, ACRE Chief Executive


Closing Remarks, Jan Zahradil MEP, ACRE Lead Candidate 


Closing Remarks, Nikolay Barekov MEP, Reload Bulgaria Party Leader