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PRESS RELEASE: ECR Party express its full solidarity with Hungary and Poland

10 September 2021

Gli Italiani bocciano l’Unione Europea ma credono ancora in un’altra Europa. I dati del sondaggio di

10 August 2021

PRESS RELEASE: ECR Party appoints Polish MP Radosław Fogiel as new Executive Vice-President

3 August 2021

Press Release: ECR Party on Belarus

8 June 2021

PRESS RELEASE: The ECR Party condemns the attacks from Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad

13 May 2021

Europe Day: press release of ECR Party President Giorgia Meloni

9 May 2021


28 April 2021

ECR Party Calls for Boycott of Beijing 2022 Olympics

25 February 2021

PRESS RELEASE: Kosovo Elections

12 February 2021


6 February 2021

PRESS RELEASE: ECR Party Response to Navalny Arrest

3 February 2021

PRESS RELEASE: EU Vaccine Strategy Needs Accountability

28 January 2021

PRESS RELEASE: Response to Russian Protests

25 January 2021


20 January 2021

PRESS RELEASE: ECR Party Welcomes US Decision on Uyghurs

19 January 2021

PRESS RELEASE: ECR Party Condemns Arrest of Alexi Navalny

18 January 2021

PRESS RELEASE: ECR Condemns Attack on the US Capitol Building

7 January 2021

PRESS RELEASE: ECR Party Condemns Arrest of Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Activists

6 January 2021

End of Year Message from ECR Party President

24 December 2020

Jorge Torres Sospedra

Security and Defence

16 December 2020

L. Escobar, S. Suárez, M. Lucas and N. González

Mortgage Markets

16 December 2020

ECR Party

PRESS RELEASE: EU Needs to Act on Forced Labour of Uyghurs

14 December 2020

ECR Party

PRESS RELEASE: Situation in Venezuela

8 December 2020

ECR Party

PRESS RELEASE: ECR Party Criticises Removal of Pro-Democracy Legislators

11 November 2020

ECR Party

PRESS RELEASE: Peace Deal Between Armenia and Azerbaijan

10 November 2020

ECR Party

PRESS RELEASE: Situation in Chile

30 October 2020


5 October 2020


29 September 2020


28 September 2020

PRESS RELEASE: ECR Party Criticises Arrests in Armenia

26 September 2020

New Europe

Common ground and the forging of new ties in the US and EU agricultural sectors

16 September 2020


18 August 2020

Florin Zubașcu

EU and US agriculture chiefs clash over role of innovation in sustainable farming

17 August 2020

Natasha Foote

Zu grün für US-Minister? Perdue warnt vor Handelsbarrieren wegen „Farm to Fork“

17 August 2020

Rachel Emmanuel

The Sprout: We still need excise exemption, say Canadian wine growers

17 August 2020

René Bouwmeester

Amerikaanse landbouwminister kraakt boer-tot-bordstrategie

17 August 2020


Le patron agricole américain avertit que le commerce agroalimentaire de l’UE pourrait être “perdu”

17 August 2020

Natasha Foote

US farm boss warns EU agrifood trade could be ‘perdue’ after Farm to Fork

17 August 2020

PRESS RELEASE: The ECR Party calls on the ruling party of Albania to uphold the June 5th Agreement.

1 August 2020

Jon Entine

‘Farm to Fork’: Europe’s self-contradictory strategy on sustainable agriculture

29 July 2020

PRESS RELEASE: ECR Party Welcomes Ceasefire in Ukraine

28 July 2020

Hermann Tertsch MEP

Estrategia de la granja a la mesa: una respuesta parcial a las necesidades de nuestros agricultores

27 July 2020

Hermann Tertsch MEP

Farm to Fork Strategy: A partial response to our farmers’ needs

27 July 2020

PRESS RELEASE: ECR Party Expresses Concern Over Escalation on Azeri Border

17 July 2020

PRESS RELEASE: Carlo Fidanza MEP expresses concerns on Armenian Opposition Leader persecution

16 July 2020

OPEN LETTER: Speak Up For Uyghurs

16 July 2020

PRESS RELEASE: ECR Launches ‘Speak Up For Uyghurs’ Campaign

14 July 2020


10 July 2020

Web Conference: The Future of 5G

1 July 2020

PRESS RELEASE: The ECR Party expresses strong concerns on the actions of the Armenian Government

18 June 2020


8 June 2020


28 May 2020

Raffaele Fitto MEP

European elections: one year on

25 May 2020

Hermann Tertsch MEP

Little structural progress and weak pandemic responses prove the EU needs major reform

25 May 2020

Robert Tyler

Intellectual diversity is important

25 May 2020

ECR Party


23 May 2020

PRESS RELEASE:ECR condemns the demolition of the National Theatre of Albania by the Rama Government

18 May 2020


15 May 2020

Hermann Tertsch MEP

NATO, not the EU, is the protector of Europe

13 May 2020

Robert Tyler

Peace in Europe depends on internationalism, not just Europeanism

13 May 2020

Anna Fotyga MEP

We have a duty to protect our Eastern allies

13 May 2020

Alexandr Vondra MEP

NATO has shown its value in this crisis

13 May 2020

New Europe

Roberts Zile MEP: Energy independence is still key in the fight against Russia

5 May 2020

New Europe

Robert Tyler: Without trust, The EU is weak against Russia

2 May 2020

New Europe

Batu Kutelia: Europe needs to take Russia seriously

1 May 2020

ECR Party


27 April 2020

Hermann Tertsch MEP

Lessons from Australia

27 April 2020

Carlo Fidanza MEP

Poland has shown true European Solidarity

27 April 2020

Mattias Karlsson MP

The West must stand confident and united against the Chinese Threat

27 April 2020

New Europe

Robert Tyler: Europe needs to re-engage its democratic allies

27 April 2020

New Europe

Ruza Tomasic MEP: The EU needs to look beyond Europe for a recovery

27 April 2020

New Europe

Charlie Weimers MEP: Let the Member States do what they have to

25 April 2020

New Europe

Mazaly Aguilar MEP: The fastest way to recover Europe’s economy is to restart trade

24 April 2020

New Europe

Witold Jan Waszczykowski: NATO vs. COVID

24 April 2020

Washington Examiner

Mattias Karlsson: Closing wet markets is a matter of public health

21 April 2020

Conservative Home

Robert Tyler: China is targeting our Commonwealth friends and allies

20 April 2020

New Europe

ECR Party Vice President calls for Taiwan to join WHO’s decision-making body

17 April 2020

New Euope

Anna Fotyga MEP: China’s hostage diplomacy

17 April 2020

New Europe

Witold Jan Waszczykowski: A geopolitical inventory check

12 April 2020

New Europe

Herman Tertsch MEP: Is China the new global threat?

10 April 2020


A new Marshall plan? MEPs debate coronavirus response

29 March 2020

ECR Party Expresses Serious Concerns on the Imprisonment of Former President of the Maldives

11 December 2019

Fred Roeder - The Consumer Case For Intellectual Property

13 November 2019

ECR Party Training Academy

10 September 2019

ACRE Welcomes Three New Parties

28 June 2019

Jan Zahradil: The EU needs a breath of fresh air

26 May 2019

Open letter by Giorgia Meloni and Jan Zahradil

17 May 2019

Jan Zahradil Interview with De Standaard

16 May 2019

Jan Zahradil at Maastricht Debate

29 April 2019

Jan Zahradil in Luxembourg

29 April 2019

Jan Zahradil in Latvia

26 April 2019

Jan Zahradil in the Czech Republic

24 April 2019

Watch: Jan Zahradil interview with ARTE

22 April 2019

Watch: Jan Zahradil Interview with Euractiv

12 April 2019


ACRE President Congratulates Likud on Election Victory

12 April 2019

Brussels Business Breakfast

10 April 2019

Russia Divides Europe’s Eurosceptic Parties

10 April 2019

Jan Zahradil visits European Industrialists

9 April 2019

Debate with Die Tageszeitung in Berlin

6 April 2019

Jan Zahradil takes part in Road to Europe Debate

4 April 2019

Zahradil Speaks about the Environment

3 April 2019

Zahradil Defends Religious Freedom

2 April 2019

Piotr Wilczek

“One for All and All for One”

25 March 2019

Jan Zahradil in Bulgaria

22 March 2019

Macron is confusing Rigidity with Strength

21 March 2019

Business Briefing with Jan Zahradil

20 March 2019

Zahradil Meets UK Defence Secretary

12 March 2019

Jan Zahradil Visits Irish Border

9 March 2019

Zahradil Welcomes New Allies

28 February 2019

ACRE calls for the immediate release of former President of Maldives, Abdulla Yameen

26 February 2019

ACRE President Welcomes New Party

21 February 2019

The EU Could be a Good Servant but is a Bad Master

20 February 2019

ACRE launches THE CONSERVATIVE, a bi-weekly Newspaper, available in print and online.

20 February 2019

Debating Europe

Who is Jan Zahradil

5 February 2019

Zahradil Debates Federalists

24 January 2019

Irene Kostaki

Interview with Jan Zahradil, President of ACRE

3 December 2018


Conservative promises scaled-back EU if elected Commission president

29 November 2018


EU needs ‘Great Review’ of powers, says ECR’s Zahradil

29 November 2018

Hannes H. Gissurarson

Totalitarianism in Europe - Three Case Studies

19 November 2018

ACRE Women’s Movement

7 November 2018

The Faith and Freedom Summit 2018

10 July 2018

Independence Party wins big 
in Icelandic local elections

2 June 2018

The Edmund Burke Award

23 May 2018

Jan Zahradil MEP

A Future for Europe

23 March 2018

Theresa May’s Mansion House Speech: “Our Future Partnership”

2 March 2018

ACRE hosts The Yerevan Summit 2017, in Yerevan, Armenia.

15 December 2017

Supporting Young European Farmers conference

9 December 2017

The Conservative’s next issue: Is Populism Democracy’s Downfall or Conservatism’s Key to Reform?

1 December 2017

2017: The Center-Right in a year of decline for the Center-Left

5 October 2017

First day of CETA provides inspiration to do more, writes Bernd Kölmel

21 September 2017

Yeonmi Park: Don’t Forget North Korea

6 September 2017

Trade benefits all: it’s not a zero sum game

28 July 2017

Conservatism, Neighbourliness and Charity

21 July 2017

The Great Lakes Trade Summit: Transforming Trade in a Post-Brexit World

12 July 2017

The Great Lakes Trade Summit - Reforming European trade with East Africa

27 June 2017

ACRE event in Rome, discussing our agenda for European reform

16 June 2017

The Damaging Legacy of Communism: Daniel Hannan at the ACRE Liberty Summit in Tirana

13 June 2017

ACRE & IDU concerned by politically motivated attacks on PzP leader, Montenegro

9 June 2017

Conservatives International launch in Miami: a Round-up

8 June 2017

The United States remains a reliable ally for Europe, despite EU leadership

30 May 2017

Twenty-First-Century Politics: Patriots vs. Transnationalists - by Mike Gonzalez

27 May 2017

ACRE launches Conservatives International in Miami

26 May 2017

Europe must do more to reaffirm its commitment to NATO

24 May 2017

ACRE is helping to bring the Free Market Road Show to the Caucasus

18 May 2017

The EU summit on Africa is missing the obvious

17 May 2017

President Macron’s ‘Buy European Act’ is misguided Protectionism

16 May 2017

Putin is no conservative

15 May 2017

ACRE helps bring the Free Market Road Show to Greece

10 May 2017

On the new President of France

8 May 2017

Daniel Hannan MEP: Do Theresa May’s opponents seriously prefer Juncker?

7 May 2017

ACRE is proud to host the Conservatives International Miami 2017 Conference

2 May 2017

Euro-federalists should lay off Poland

30 April 2017

Czech Civic Democrats present their reform agenda for the EU

28 April 2017

Daniel Hannan MEP: Jihadists are losing

26 April 2017

The French Presidential Elections: A New Direction for Europe?

23 April 2017

On the Turkish Constitutional Referendum

22 April 2017

The Liberty Summit in Europe: a Triumph

13 April 2017

Welcome to our new member parties

7 April 2017

ACRE Partners with the Free Market Roadshow

6 April 2017

ACRE conference in Latvia about the future of the EU after Brexit

3 April 2017

An End and a Beginning: Today Britain Triggers Article 50

29 March 2017

Gagik Tsarukyan: Working for a better Armenia

28 March 2017

Anneleen van Bossuyt MEP: why a true European energy market is the only way forward

27 March 2017

Our statement on the Rustavi-2 case

22 March 2017

Amjad Bashir MEP: Brexit provides huge opportunities for the UK and EU’s partnership with Pakistan

20 March 2017

Jan Zahradil MEP: I hope different views on the EU’s future won’t be misused in the political fight

16 March 2017

The Fatal Attraction of Marxism

15 March 2017

Remembering Mikhail Gorbachev and the Vindication of Peace Through Strength

11 March 2017

Anna Fotyga MEP: Remembering the scars of Communism on the 64th anniversary of Stalin’s death

5 March 2017

Ian Duncan MEP: Carbon Emissions

28 February 2017

ACRE to hold annual Liberty Summit in Europe in Albania, commemorating the fall of Communism

9 February 2017

The Conservative Launch: a Tremendous Success

7 February 2017

Passionate discussions among Conservatives on the environment

2 February 2017

Jan Zahradil: if Tusk regards the US as a threat, he should consider leaving office

1 February 2017

Trump’s Transition Environment Advisor speaking in Brussels at ACRE’s Blue-Green Summit

30 January 2017

Why is it Important to Remember?

24 January 2017

Jesse Norman: a politician should be a philosopher in action

23 January 2017

One of the most murderous leaders in the world: 93 years ago Lenin died

21 January 2017

Valuing nature through markets

18 January 2017

European Parliament President Election – the usual farce

16 January 2017

ACRE Statement on Turkey

15 January 2017

ACRE congratulates the Independence Party on forming a new Icelandic government

13 January 2017

The Independence Party forming the new Icelandic government

13 January 2017

Albania: at EU’s door 71 years after founding of brutal Hoxhaist regime

11 January 2017

Why our Environment needs Capitalism

6 January 2017

Commemorating the birth of the Albanian Free Press

5 January 2017

The problem of corruption in the EU

4 January 2017

Beata Szydło: nothing is more valuable than the common good

17 December 2016

Prof Oliver Hart: the EU must decentralize

15 December 2016

Prof Ryszard Legutko & Tomasz Poręba: Comments on Frans Timmermans’ Article on Poland

13 December 2016

The great paradox of our age

9 December 2016

Daniele Capezzone: Matteo Renzi blew his chance to kickstart Italy

5 December 2016

Andras Baneth: Requiem for a European dream

30 November 2016

Polsko-brytyjskie konsultacje międzyrządowe

29 November 2016

Historic UK-Poland summit on Brexit, trade and bilateral relations

29 November 2016

Russia - Sanctions and Dialogue Conference

25 November 2016

Polsko-izraelskie konsultacje międzyrządowe

24 November 2016

Daniel Hannan στον ΑΘΗΝΑ 984: Με «περισσότερη Ευρώπη» δε λύνονται όλα τα προβλήματα της ΕΕ

21 November 2016

Blue-Green Summit: How Conservatives Make the Best Conservationists

18 November 2016

Dobry Rok rządów Premier Beaty Szydło

18 November 2016

Jan Zahradil: Brexit should serve as wake-up call

17 November 2016

Koca Pavlovic: Montenegro’s three-act play

15 November 2016

The root of conservatism

14 November 2016

Społeczne obchody w przededniu Narodowego Święta Niepodległości

11 November 2016

Daniel Hannan: Το Brexit θα συμβεί το 2019

10 November 2016

ACRE social action projects for struggling Greek families

9 November 2016

Project Maja to help struggling Greek citizens

9 November 2016

Sanctions and Dialogue: seminar on EU-Russia relations

8 November 2016

ACRE President at Ulster Unionist Party Conference

7 November 2016

John Howard in defence of conservatism and classical liberalism

4 November 2016

Asanga Welikala: Burkean thought in contemporary constitution making

3 November 2016

Award for the most successful conservative politician of our era

2 November 2016

John Howard to receive Edmund Burke Award

31 October 2016

Iceland: Independence Party to form next government after great election success

30 October 2016

Social responsibility and action

27 October 2016

Conservatives discussing constitutional reforms in London

26 October 2016

Daniel Hannan on the danger of virtue-signalling politicians

21 October 2016

Montenegro: Brussels and Washington turn a blind eye to voter fraud, violence, and faked coup d’etat

20 October 2016

European Youth for Liberty

19 October 2016

Ian Duncan: Open Letter to European Migrants in Scotland

14 October 2016

The EU’s Strasbourg Plan and the consequences for Europe

12 October 2016

Jaroslaw Kaczynski: the EU must reform or it will collapse

11 October 2016

EAPL-CFA gaining seats in Lithuanian parliamentary election

11 October 2016

Great pro-Western election success in Georgia

10 October 2016

Liberty Summit Tirana 2017

7 October 2016

AECR to change its name to ACRE

6 October 2016

Gunnar Beck: Germany and the EU cannot afford to drive hard bargain over Brexit

5 October 2016

EYC Freedom Summit 2016 in Porto

1 October 2016

AECR’s Prague Conference 2016

29 September 2016

Marian L. Tupy: Slovakia’s Prime Minister Fico is a brash Putin apologist

24 September 2016

Opening speeches from AECR Prague Conference 2016 online now

23 September 2016

EU reform, international cooperation, and social action

21 September 2016

Hernando de Soto’s keynote speech at Prague Conference 2016

20 September 2016

Tony Abbott’s Address to the AECR

19 September 2016

The AECR Prague Conference 2016 is live!

17 September 2016

New AECR publication provides cutting-edge analysis on European and global affairs

13 September 2016

Theresa May wishes Muslims a blessed Eid al-Adha

12 September 2016

Germany continues discussing migration

12 September 2016

Taking the EU in a new direction

9 September 2016

Daniel Hannan: our vision for the EU

7 September 2016

Hans-Olaf Henkel: Merkel suffers from “Helfersyndrom”

5 September 2016

Discussing migration with Tony Abbott

3 September 2016

Fact-finding mission in Turkey

1 September 2016

EYC Freedom Summit 2016

26 August 2016

RNH discussing the future of capitalism

19 August 2016

Máté Hajba: Is this the right way to reform the EU? Orbán’s dream of Putinesque Hungary

18 August 2016

Supported by Moscow: Communism in Iceland

16 August 2016

Danile Dalton MEP: EU Commission’s copyright proposals not fit for digital age

2 August 2016

Fighting together for our values: an Israeli perspective on Europe’s terror summer

28 July 2016

Turkey’s future now hangs in the balance

27 July 2016

Project Maja Athens

27 July 2016

AECR Conference and Summit

27 July 2016

Republican National Convention

27 July 2016

Bernd Kölmel: the terror has reached Germany

26 July 2016

I’m glad the Turkish coup was defeated – but the country’s future now hangs in the balance

25 July 2016

Discussing conservatism on Lovćen

23 July 2016

Higher Court confirmed sentence of Nikola Bajčetić

22 July 2016

Kohl Martínez: Liberty and Austrian Economics in the Principality of Liechtenstein

20 July 2016

Policy toward a new vision for Europe

18 July 2016

AECR condemns military coup in Turkey

16 July 2016

AECR President condemns sickening Bastille Day attack in France

15 July 2016

EYC discussing security policy in Georgia

14 July 2016

Congratulations, PzP!

13 July 2016

Entrepreneurs are sowing seeds of hope in Burundi

13 July 2016

AECR to continue to work closely with MENA partners

11 July 2016

AECR to continue to work closely with MENA partners

11 July 2016

AECR congratulating Australian Liberal Party

10 July 2016

AECR wishing Eid Mubarak

6 July 2016

Ronald Reagan: “What July Fourth Means to Me”

4 July 2016

Dear Herr Schulz: less instead of more EU

1 July 2016

AECR mourns with Istanbul

29 June 2016

UK Referendum: British Conservatives reaffirm their AECR membership

24 June 2016

Syed Kamall: “we need an amicable agreement with the EU”

24 June 2016

German Constitutional Court rejects legal challenges against ECB

21 June 2016

Paul Goodman: An MP is murdered. Shocking, yes – but not at all surprising. The portents were there.

17 June 2016

Academic freedom fighter awarded

16 June 2016

Defending freedom against hateful violence

13 June 2016

Liberty Award goes to German Professor

8 June 2016

Pencil it in: top-class event on European security, Brussels, 15 June 2016

7 June 2016

Eli Hazan: Unified Jerusalem — a situation report

6 June 2016

Ahmad El Hariri: Lebanon and the Syrian crisis

3 June 2016

Professor Warde on the moral and legal implications of Islamic commerce

26 May 2016

Netflix and Amazon could face EU content quotas

25 May 2016

PzP: School of Modern Conservatism II

24 May 2016

Daniel Hannan: letting the grass grow

17 May 2016

Happy Independence Day, Israel!

13 May 2016

Noua Republică and M10: in defence of political liberalization

11 May 2016

Professor Krasnodębski: Europe’s energy policy

10 May 2016

Congratulations, Ms Davidson!

6 May 2016

Syed Kamall: What does the AECR stand for?

4 May 2016

Entrepreneurship and Islam

3 May 2016

Syed Kamall: on religion and politics

2 May 2016

Jan Zahradil: No obvious alternative to TTIP

29 April 2016

Improving Europe’s Digital Single Market

27 April 2016

PzP holding School of Modern Conservatism in Montenegro

26 April 2016

David Cameron: Happy Birthday, Your Majesty!

21 April 2016

Queen puts Britain above European fray

21 April 2016

Strengthening small scale fishermen and coastal communities

18 April 2016

Montenegro: youth opposition leader imprisoned

13 April 2016

Van Bossuyt: Better regulation in an efficient Single Market

12 April 2016

Ashley Fox MEP: How Conservative MEPs want to help poorer people overseas to help themselves

8 April 2016

European Conservatives welcome Hernando De Soto

7 April 2016

The only way forward for Greece

5 April 2016

AECR President calls for end to violence in Nagorno-Karabakh

4 April 2016

The Euro: a European nightmare

31 March 2016

EYC Youth Summit held in Turkey

20 March 2016

Solidarity with Turkey in the face of repeated terrorist outrages

20 March 2016

Turkey stresses humanitarian factor in deal with EU

17 March 2016

Islam, Capitalism and Democracy

17 March 2016

European Conservatives show unity with Turkish AK Party in face of world challenges

17 March 2016

AECR reaches out to MENA countries

16 March 2016

Boosting EU Trade with South East Asia

11 March 2016

Jan Zahradil: AECR is not anti-migration

9 March 2016

AECR stands with Scottish Conservatives

8 March 2016

Slovakia: AECR parties finish second and third in election

6 March 2016

It’s not a Reagan the GOP needs, it’s a Buckley

4 March 2016

Syed Kamall: Meanwhile, Europe writhes and flounders as the migrant crisis mounts

4 March 2016

EU resolution on Montenegro based on political double standard

1 March 2016

Constitutional Court of Romania shall enforce 2009 Referendum on number of MPs

29 February 2016

The Netherlands also wants EU referendum

22 February 2016

How Russia is influencing Bulgaria

22 February 2016

AECR President strongly condemns terrorist attacks in Turkey

18 February 2016

We do not think European Parliament’s resolutions would improve Azerbaijan-EU relations

18 February 2016

“Nothing to hide?” Just who are European Commissioners meeting with exactly?

16 February 2016

National Alliance in Latvian government

15 February 2016

AECR conference in the northwest of England with conservative delegates

12 February 2016

Nagorno-Karabakh needs further peaceful negotiations under the mediation of OSCE

11 February 2016

“Please don’t let Greece die!” appeals Professor Starbatty

4 February 2016

Vast majority of Icelanders oppose EU accession

3 February 2016

Slovakia: migrant quota system is not working

2 February 2016

Noua Republic supports Poland’s conservative path

1 February 2016

EU states seek two-year Schengen suspension

26 January 2016

Poland wary of joining euro in a hurry

20 January 2016

Germany proposes new EU tax to pay for EU policy failures

18 January 2016

3 in 4 Dutch voters oppose EU association agreement

12 January 2016

The Schengen tragedy of the common

7 January 2016

The euro crisis is far from over

3 January 2016

A Future Freely Chosen

29 May 2015